Possible interview questions

It is possible to have love in every relationship and in every aspect of life


Love by itself is never enough to have a relationship work. The divorce courts are full of people who love each other. For example, what good is someone’s love for you if the person treats you lousy? It’s worthless. To have a relationship be great, you need more than love. You need the experience of love.

Fortunately, creating the experience of love is a relatively easy thing to do. This is because relationships are not 50/50. They are 100/100. When you change how you relate to the other person, you change how that person responds to you. It is possible for all your relationships to be great. You just need to know how.

Here are some possible interview questions

  1. In your book, How to Heal a Painful Relationship, you say that love is never enough to have a relationship work. Can you explain this?
  2. What is the experience of love?
  3. What creates love?
  4. What destroys love?
  5. What is the cycle of conflict?
  6. How does blaming cause you to lose your power?
  7. How do you heal the hurt?
  8. How do you let go of resentment?
  9. How do you avoid arguments?
  10. How do you resolve disputes?
  11. How do you remove distance?
  12. What are the biggest killers of a relationship?
  13. What are the most important qualities of a relationship?
  14. What is the opportunity of life?
  15. How can people learn more?

Do you have a painful relationship?

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