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If you have a relationship or any area of life that isn't working, there is something under the surface that is creating the problem. This underlying condition destroys love. It creates conflict and sabotages your life. The moment this condition is found and removed, solutions appear. Love returns and this area of life starts clearing up.

It is possible to have love in every relationship and every aspect of life, but this won't happen by itself. There are concepts to learn, issues to heal, and action to take. Fortunately, there is a step-by-step process you can take to make this happen. The first step is to discover why your relationships are the way they are. To start, read the following articles.

To get the most results, read the articles in order.

Read the following articles:

What creates and destroys love

The underlying condition that gets us in trouble

Find & heal inner issues that destroy love

Be free of guilt & resentment

Accept your full 100% responsibility for love

We fight the truth

The next step

Heal your relationship:

These articles show what's possible, but knowing what's possible and making it happen are two totally different things. The best way to handle your situation is to work directly with Bill Ferguson. He can walk you through process of ending the conflict, healing the hurt, and restoring the love in your relationship. You can also take our video course and attend our weekend workshop, Return To The Heart. If you have any questions, e-mail us or give us a call. We can talk about your situation and create a plan of action. We look forward to hearing from you.


The steps for healing any relationship:

The first step in healing a relationship is to discover what's creating the problem. In most cases, there is an underlying cycle of conflict. Here is how it works. Someone gets hurt and reacts negatively. Then the other person gets upset and either attacks or withdraws. Then the first person gets more upset gives it back even more. Then the other person does the same.

This cycle then goes on and on without either person ever noticing his or her role in the problem. It's like a tennis volley, back and forth, back and forth. It destroys love and causes tremendous suffering. It is also totally avoidable. It's avoidable because the cycle of conflict can only exist if there are two active participants. As soon as one person refuses to return the serve, the volley is over.

The key to ending a cycle of conflict is to find and heal the hurt that fuels it. As you heal this hurt, the defensiveness loses power. The next step is to remove the resentment, blaming and other destructive mechanisms that keep love from being expressed. As you remove these mechanisms, you restore love and heal your relationship.

It is possible to end the conflict, heal the hurt, and restore the love in any relationship, but you have to know how. Bill Ferguson can walk you through the steps. The best way to heal a relationship is to let him walk you through the healing process. You can also watch the Mastery of Life Video Course.



Do you have a painful relationship?

Do you have a painful relationship or an area of life that isn’t working? Would you like to have this area of your life clear up? You can. The best way to do this is to work directly with Bill Ferguson. You can also attend our weekend workshop, Return To The Heart. Give us a call. We can talk about your situation and create a plan of action.


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