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Video 2, Part 1 - The Mastery of Life Video Course



There are two totally opposite realms of life. There is the light and the darkness. When you are in the light, you are happy, alive and free. The circumstances of life have no power over you. You have a very positive attitude and great things happen around you. When you are in this state, life works.

When you are in the darkness, the circumstances of life have total power over you. You shut down inside. You become negative and life becomes a struggle. Everything you do this state creates more darkness. Everything you do in the light creates more light. Obviously, the opportunity of life is to learn to live in the light.


  1. Find a time when you were in the experience of love
    Notice how free you felt and how irrelevant the circumstances of your life were. They had no power. You were on top of life. You were also very positive and very effective. When you are in this state, you are in the light and life works incredibly. You are also experiencing the very essence of who you are.
  2. Now find a time when you were stressed or upset
    Notice how different you felt. Instead of being on top of life, life was on top of you. You shut down inside. You lost your ability to see clearly and became very negative. This is the realm of fear, upset and suffering. When you are in this state you are out of the light and in the realm of darkness.
  3. Notice the difference between these two states
    Notice that life looks totally different depending on the state you are in. One state is very positive and the other is very negative. One creates love and opportunity. The other state destroys it. Which state do you want to live in? Use this video course to learn how to live in the experience of love, the light.


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