Miracles Are Guaranteed

Chapter 1 - Create the Experience of Love

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You can create a life of miracles. This may seem impossible but it’s not. This is actually the natural state. You lived this way when you were a young child, but lost it in the process of growing up. Now you can get it back.

You can set yourself free inside and have your life be the exciting adventure it once was. You can create a life that truly supports you. You do this by creating something called the experience of love.

When the experience of love is present, life is a joy. You are happy and alive. You have inner freedom and peace. You feel good about yourself, your life, and everyone around you. You are confident, creative, and very effective.

You can flow with whatever happens. You see life clearly and know what needs to be done. You radiate a very positive energy, life works wonderfully, and great things happen. This is the experience of love. This is also where miracles take place.

The presence or absence of this state may seem to be a function of what happens around you, but it’s not. It’s a function of how you relate to what happens. In other words, it’s a function of you. You create or destroy the experience of love by how you relate to the world around you. A good way to see this is to look at relationships.

How do you feel when someone genuinely accepts and appreciates you? Doesn’t this feel great? Of course it does. You feel better about yourself and better about life. You also feel better about the person who accepts and appreciates you. The same thing happens when you accept and appreciate someone else. That person automatically feels better about life and better about you. By giving acceptance and appreciation, you create the experience of love.

Now look at the opposite. How do you feel when someone is non-accepting, critical, or controlling towards you? Instantly, the experience of love disappears. You get hurt and upset. You put up your walls of protection and automatically resist the person who treats you this way. The same thing happens when you are non-accepting, critical or controlling toward someone else. That person gets upset, puts up his or her walls of protection, and becomes critical and resentful toward you.

Every time you interact with another person, or with life itself, you either create love or destroy love – and whatever you give comes right back. When you give acceptance and appreciation, you create the experience of love and great things happen around you. When you give non-acceptance, you destroy love and negative things happen around you.

Literally, you determine what happens around you by how you relate to life. If you want your life to be full of miracles, put your focus on creating the experience of love. You do this by giving the gift of acceptance and appreciation.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Some people and certain areas of life are very difficult to accept. Fortunately, non-acceptance is an illusion. Have you ever tried to change someone? Have you ever been successful? Not likely. How many times have you tried to change someone and the person got worse? This is much more likely. Just look at how you feel when someone tries to change you. How do you feel about changing? Not very interested, are you?

Find someone in your life that you can’t accept. Notice that this person has a particular view of life and a particular way of behaving. Notice that this person is exactly the way he or she is without any regard for how you feel about it.

What we fight is the truth. At any moment, the people in your life are the way they are, your circumstances are the way they are, and you are the way you are. Everything may change tomorrow, but at this moment, your life and the people in it are exactly the way they are.

When you fight the truth of the way someone is, you destroy the experience of love. You get upset and close down. All you can do is fight, resist, hang on, and withdraw. The other person then gets upset and becomes non-accepting and critical toward you. Then you get more upset and more critical toward the other person. Then the other person becomes more critical toward you.

Without knowing, you create a cycle of conflict: a cycle of resisting, attacking, and withdrawing from each other. This cycle goes on and on without either person ever noticing his or her role in the conflict.

This cycle of conflict is present in any relationship that isn’t working. It’s also present in any area of your life that isn’t working. There is something that you are resisting. This area of life then resists you in return. By resisting, you create opposition and resistance against yourself. It’s like a law of physics. The very act of resisting magnifies and gives power to whatever you resist.

Imagine four yellow balloons on the ceiling above you. Now, whatever you do, don’t think about them. You just thought about them. Don’t do that. Stop. Notice what happens when you resist the yellow balloons. You keep thinking about them. In fact, you can hardly think about anything else. Resisting the thought of yellow balloons gives the thought power and keeps it alive.

The same thing happens with anything you resist. By your resisting, you create more of the very circumstances that you are attempting to avoid. Look at the areas of your life that work effortlessly. These are areas where you can flow. There is no resistance. You see life clearly and are very effective.

Now look at the areas of life where you suffer. These are areas where you can’t flow. By resisting, you keep these areas of life from working. If you could let go of the resisting, these areas would clear up. Difficult situations need action, not resisting. When you resist, you create a state of fear, upset and tunnel vision that destroys your ability to see what needs to be done.

So why do we resist? We resist so we don’t have to feel all the suppressed hurt from the past that is being reactivated by our circumstances. In an automatic, subconscious avoidance of this hurt, we fight, resist, hang on, and withdraw. This in turn destroys love and sabotages our lives. Until you heal this suppressed hurt from the past, you will continue to resist. Your life will be full of struggle and the happiness that you seek will elude you forever.

Fortunately, it’s possible to heal this hurt. You can have the experience of love in every relationship and in every aspect of your life. This book will show you how. First, you will learn how to heal your hurt and flow with life. Then you will learn how to create an environment where miracles are guaranteed.


  1. Recall a time when you had the experience of love. Notice what your life was like. Notice how free and alive you felt. Notice how you felt about yourself and the world around you.
  2. At any moment, your life is the way it is whether you like it or not. Notice what happens to the experience of love when you resist the way life is. Now notice what happens to the experience of love when you are at peace and appreciate life.
  3. Notice how you have created or destroyed the experience of love in your life.
  4. Ask yourself these questions: Are you willing to have the experience of love in every relationship and in every aspect of life? Are you willing to have your dreams come true?
  5. Make creating the experience of love the highest priority in your life. if you do this, everything else will handle itself. Use this book to learn how.


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