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Comments from people who have worked with Bill Ferguson


"As a result of my work with you, I have received the most significant breakthrough of my adult life. Your insight was the missing link to over 20 years of serious recovery from childhood issues. I am in your debt." - Dell H.

"I have accomplished more in one session with you than I have in years of therapy. You get right to the heart of the problem. Thanks for changing my life." - Robert S.

"I could not even begin to express my gratitude for our conversation today. I can honestly say that I did not expect such an experience from a single phone call. Your help allowed be to realize some of the most personally fulfilling and grief-releasing emotions in my lifetime. The overwhelming sense of renewal and energy I feel is virtually beyond my description. Simply amazing!" - Greg J.

"You really healed me. I have been so calm. My therapist was stunned by how different I have been. She commented on it for weeks afterwards. Thank you so much Bill! I don't have that same feeling I used to carry around. I'm lighter and more free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Liz A.

"Thanks again for the greatest phone call of my life. I feel great. I feel a lot has shifted in me. What a freedom.? – Janice G.

"Thank you for the difference you have made in my life. You showed me how to look at myself and my husband in a totally different light. This totally turned our marriage around. Healing the wounds inside of me gave me the freedom to accept and give love more freely. I was so wound up in being right and having to prove who I am. This became more important than my relationship. I know I am not healed 100%, but I healed enough to make a huge difference. I will continue the work and heal even more. Again, thank you so much." - Linda W.

"Situations, relationships, conflicts and everyday "upsets" are no longer a "struggle" for me. I have accepted my responsibility in all aspects of my life and have become a much happier person." - Marie S.

"My wife and I have been back together now for almost two years. It would have never happened if we hadn't done the counseling and practiced the principles you taught us. Keep up the good work, this world needs you!" - Steve S.

"We've been doing great. After being married for almost 20 years, nothing has changed us to the core as much as your life-giving concepts! And that was after only 3 phone sessions!" - Robert & Nancy Z.

"I chose to spend the money on a 1-hour consultation with you and it was worth every cent! One week ago, I didn't even know you existed, and now I am impacted for the rest of my life by your work." - Jeanne G.

"Thanks for all you have done for me. I feel like a new person." - Bill W.

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Do you have a painful relationship or an area of life that isn’t working? Would you like to have this area of your life clear up? You can. The best way to do this is to work directly with Bill Ferguson. You can also attend our weekend workshop, Return To The Heart. Give us a call. We can talk about your situation and create a plan of action.


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