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"As a family law attorney, I have seen miracles come from this course. Clients become less upset and far more able to resolve their issues. I send all my clients to Stop The Conflict." - Chris L., Family Law Attorney

"Your "Stop the Conflict" course was probably one of the most worthwhile experiences I've ever been through. I literally walked out of your class as a different person. Thank you!" - Juan M.

"I have turned my life around by applying your lessons, and I've navigated my way through a very painful divorce, turning it into a wonderful, life changing experience. For this, I can never thank you enough." - John P.

"Attending your Stop The Conflict workshop was one of the best decisions of my life. I attended with my partner and our interaction with each other has become so much more open and peaceful. " - Ryan P.

"Thank you for shedding so much light on the issues we were having...seemingly un-resolvable issues. We stayed up till 4am that night talking about what we learned and how to effectively apply the guidelines to our relationship. We're in a far better place now." - Paula T.

"You and your workshop made a huge positive impact on my attitude and my life. I fought the idea that I was responsible for my life, but once I accepted my 100% responsibility, I got my power back. I cannot thank you enough." - Laurie G.

"It wasn't until your seminar that I was able to start putting the pieces of my inner self back together again. For this I owe you much gratitude." - Janice R.

Do you have a painful relationship?

Do you have a painful relationship or an area of life that isn’t working? Would you like to have this area of your life clear up? You can. The best way to do this is to work directly with Bill Ferguson. You can also attend our weekend workshop, Return To The Heart. Give us a call. We can talk about your situation and create a plan of action.


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You can heal your relationships and create a great life, but you have to know how. Both the video course and the free e-course walk you through the steps. As you work with the lessons, you change your life.